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Keep improving outside the dojo with Martial Profile.

Track Your Progress

Our app will help you quantify and keep track of your progress. Belts, trophies, training sessions, all in the same place.


Our A.I. engine will provide you with  tailored routines, combat simulations and suggestions to improve your game.

Connect With Others

Meet people in your area, chat with friends to schedule a training session, get advice and coaching from more seasoned martial artists.

Your Sidekick In Your Martial Arts Journey

Level-Up Your Real Life Character

The journey for every martial artist is different. Martial Profile is here to learn from you and help you achieve your goals while keeping you motivated. We are bringing the best features from video games to help you improve in the real life.

Not Only For Tracking

Improve Your Fighting Skills With A.I.

We have carefully curated and built our own Little-Dragon Combat A.I. Engine that is ready for users to interact with. Imagine harnessing all the power of the latest trends of artificial intelligence to make you a better fighter in real life.

Doesn't matter if you are starting and wanting to learn how to defend yourself or if you are a professional MMA fighter, Martial Profile will fit to your needs and level of expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can also check our subreddit r/martialprofile where the conversation is happening!

Why should I track my progress?

If I don't know where to start, will the app help me?

Is my martial art included?

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